Taxes and Duties

Inside the EU (European Union)

We automatically include the statutory 19% VAT (based on the German rate) when delivering within the EU (European Union).

If your institution is officially registered as a commercial operation and you have a valid international tax number from the EEC, we will deduct this value added tax. Should this be the case, please send us an e-mail quoting your tax number before purchasing in our online store. We will verify and update your account accordingly and you will no longer need to pay the 19% VAT.

Please note that, shipping and any resulting VAT will automatically be calculated according to your home address. By changing the delivery address, shipping fees and VAT rates will automatically be updated.

If you are located outside the EU and want your goods delivered to an address within the EU, we can refund the 19% VAT provided you have confirmation of customs clearance (e.g. at the airport).

No additional costs and fees will be charged.


Outside the EU (European Union)

For goods shipped directly to an address outside the EU (European Union) no German VAT will be included in the final price.

The following costs may apply for some countries:

Import sales tax based on the value of your order.

Import duty, based on the value of your order and the relevant customs classification.

If you do not have experience of dealing with international parcels please check local procedures in advance. The parcels we ship internationally are handled by the respective national postal services. Experience has shown that these services are more accommodating and convenient than major international logistics companies.