About us


The origins of our company go back to the Waldorf School in Überlingen on Lake Constance. After completing my studies in Economics I did my civic service in Überlingen in 1980. Here I made the decision to place my financial talents and economic expertise in the service of Anthroposophy.

Early in 1982 I was actively involved in founding the Waldorf school in my home town of Hagen in Westfalia. For seven years I worked as bursar and administrator and was responsible for the purchasing needs of several Waldorf schools in the area. The idea of establishing a purchasing group to focus on the needs of Waldorf schools led to the founding of EIKA (www.EIKA.net) in 1989. Since 1989 the EIKA, Einkaufsgesellschaft für gemeinnützige Einrichtungen mbH, (purchasing company for charitable organisations), has been supplying all Waldorf schools in Germany with a specific and comprehensive assortment of consumer and investment goods. Our philosophy is to work as a service company within the Waldorf school movement to help individual schools save money and time.